The Many Facets of Change


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How do we get through the feelings of emptiness? ¬†Well, first we must figure out what it is that makes us feel that way. ¬†Is it a person that might not be there anymore? ¬†Is it a routine that was a part of every day and now is no longer on the schedule? ¬†Or maybe it might be something as simple as saying “hi” to a neighborhood pet that sat behind the fence and is now living indoors. ¬†What do all these have in common? ¬†Change.

The thing about change is that it has many meanings depending on how one looks at it. ¬†It can create an empty feeling. ¬†It can also be exciting and filled with possibilities. ¬†It can be sad and at the same time be better for whatever the situation may be. ¬†So to get through the empty period, we need to reflect on what it was, what we learned and where do we want to go from there. ¬†Knowing that, we start heading towards a new way of thinking. ¬†A new idea. ¬†A new path. ¬†A new routine. ¬†A new… change. ¬† ¬†TM ‚̧






Lessons Learned


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Everything is a lesson if we let it be. ¬†The trick is to realize that it IS a learning and as we discover that with each lesson, we only get better and stronger. ¬†As the lesson becomes more clear, patience develops and a calmness within takes place. ¬†But we must be able to put our personal feelings aside to have an open mind to take in what we just learned. ¬†Try it. ¬†You’ll find a new understanding within. ¬†Namaste & Aloha… TM ‚̧

Look Clearly


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Hello! ¬†Remember you? ¬†What? ¬†Tracy, what are you talking about? ¬†YOU. ¬†Remember YOU. ¬†Hmmm… okay, let me reword this…

When you first read my words, you thought I was gonna say, “remember me”, right? ¬†So it confused, just for a bit, until the words that you are looking at this very moment, and now it is clear.

Life is like that. ¬†We are currently living in a moment of thinking what we think it is, but then it isn’t and it’s a confusion, but just for a bit. ¬†Step back, remember YOU, and now it is clear. ¬†Make sense? ¬†Message for today. ¬†ūüôā

Namaste and Aloha Always ‚̧

A Map Can Help


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It has been WAY to long since I’ve put my thoughts down on this blog. ¬†Time just runs away and next thing you know, just when I think I grabbed it by the tail, 7 months have gone by! ¬†There’s so much I want to say and a series I want to finish (Overall Wellness vs. Cancer) and yet… ahhhh life!

Has it been that way for you too? ¬†It feels very restless, or maybe the word I’m looking for is unrest? ¬†So much energy is off balance and leaning too far right or maybe too far left is making us all feel a bit wobbly.

I’m so glad that I’m writing this as the words that are popping up on my screen are giving not just you a reminder, but for me as well. ¬†What to do when life feels wobbly? ¬†Reflect, deep breath, give thanks, and remember where we are going.

So with that, I’m going outside to put my feet in the grass and feel the sunshine on my skin and try to remember where I put that road map… TM ‚̧

Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part Five: How Much is on YOUR Skin?

img_1203Hi! ¬†I’m so glad you came back!

Today I’m continuing with the Overall Wellness vs. Cancer series that I started at the end of August. ¬†So far, we’ve gone over the importance of label reading, trust and the big brands, the so-called experts, and our food. ¬†I still have many categories for this series and I will keep on writing until I’ve covered them all. ¬†Ready for the next? ¬†Here we go…

Personal care items. ¬†What do we¬†know about the products that we slather all over our bodies? ¬†Did you know that most people put on around 150 toxic chemicals on their bodies before 9am? ¬† From soaps to moisturizers, toothpaste, deodorants, hand sanitizers, mouth washes, makeup, sunscreens, shaving creams, nail polishes… There are a gagillion items we use in and on our bodies. ¬†So let’s start from the top, our head…

We use shampoo, conditioners, hair color, hair spray, hair gel, what else? ¬†Medicated shampoos, hair balm, perms, relaxers… Let’s think about this. ¬†The stuff that goes on our head/hair it also affects¬†our scalp, you know, the skin directly above and surrounding our brain? ¬†Have you ever read the label for any of these products? ¬†I promise, it’s like trying to read Greek! ¬†Now think about this, skin, which is an organ on our body, absorbs. ¬†So all those ingredients that we can’t pronounce or don’t know what it is… yup, our skin, including our scalp, absorbs whatever it is we put on it.

Next, products on our face. ¬†Cleansing with soap or whatever items¬†that’s used, moisturizers, toners, eye cream, shaving cream, sunscreen, cosmetics, lip balm, makeup remover, acne products, lighteners, eye lash growing serum… what else? ¬†What am I missing? ¬†I guess we could say that each of the items listed can have subcategories. ¬†Again, have you read any of the labels for these items? ¬†Same rules from above apply when it comes to skin absorption.

On to our body… Name the stuff we put on our skin with me, can you do it? ¬†Let’s do it together. ¬†Lotion, sunscreen, soap, baby oil, perfumes, powders, medicated creams like cortisone, neosporin, ¬†and/or Bengay, acne body washes, lightening/bleach creams… That’s a LOT of stuff! ¬†I’ll ask again… ever read the ingredient labels? ¬†And remember, the skin absorbs!

Here are the extras that go on or in our bodies… Nails- Nail polish, nail polish remover, cuticle creams. ¬†Feet- Foot creams, ointments and antifungals. ¬†Underarms- deodorant or powders. ¬†In the mouth- mouthwash, toothpaste, teeth whiteners, flavored floss, and plastic toothbrushes. ¬†And another area that people don’t like to talk about, private parts. ¬†There are medicated creams/ointments for those sensitive areas, front, and back. ¬†Also, tampons and pads should be considered. ¬†Yup, can you believe it? ¬†Pesticide use in the cotton industry makes cotton susceptible to pesticide residue. ¬†I dunno, just something to take into consideration.

Okay, did we do it? ¬†I think we’ve covered most personal care products. ¬†If you think of anything else, please share and put it in the comment section below as I’m always learning. ¬†ūüôā

I knew there were a lot of stuff that we use on our bodies, but writing this post and listing them… geez, I didn’t realize how much is used on a daily basis! ¬†I can name 12 items that I use on average almost daily. ¬†How about you? ¬†The Environmental Working Group (EWG) did a survey several years back and women use an average of 12 items which contains up to 168 unique ingredients!! ¬†Not all ingredients are toxic, but unfortunately, with the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to, who’s to say what mixes and what doesn’t? ¬†AND, there are certain common ingredients used in our personal care products that when combined,¬†forms¬†benzene, a known carcinogen! ¬†Just in case you forgot what carcinogen means, here, as defined by Google… “A substance that is capable of causing cancer in living tissue.”

So. ¬†We’re learning. ¬†Together. ¬†To understand Overall Wellness vs. Cancer doesn’t take a brain surgeon, or a rocket scientist. ¬†It takes the willingness to learn, understand, and to¬†make smart decisions based on what we’ve been talking about. ¬†Poisons in our environment wether it’s in our own home or outside, or in the refrigerator, or medicine cabinet, shower, laundry room, backyard… When we pay attention with our eyes wide open and ask questions, we are able to clearly see what are the potential cancer causers and how to avoid them.

Personal care products are LOADED with chemicals and many people have no idea that these products may be a possible reason why they have a new rash on their arm or that their skin is absorbing a toxin that their body is reacting to.  Seriously, think about it, 150 plus ingredients on our skin every day?

Okay, so what can we do about it? ¬†First thing first… it’s OVERWHELMING the amount of junk that we have to deal with, so take a deep breath! ¬†I just did. ¬†My best advice? ¬†Take 10 minutes a day and start reading labels. ¬†At first it feels like you’re reading a whole new language, and you are! ¬†Here’s what to look for that may help while you’re trying to decipher the ingredients…

  • Look for the Nos- Meaning, look for “No” Sulfates or “No” Paraben… stuff like that. ¬†The more Nos on the package, the better.
  • Look for organic ingredients or better yet, purchase products with the Organic Seal.
  • Don’t be fooled by the word “Natural” as it has become a catch-all word that doesn’t necessarily mean anything natural at all.
  • The less ingredients on the label, the better.
  • If you use phone apps, EWG has a Healthy Living app that can help you out.

It’s a lot, I know, but if we do a little something every day to broaden our ingredient language, it will get easier. ¬†Everything we do, every choice we make, we CAN push cancer and other ailments away when we become aware of what it is that is in our every day environment, including our bodies. ¬†TM ‚̧


~I am not a doctor, a scientist, or professional advisor.  I am a concerned citizen for our planet, the critters, and our children.  Everything I write is from my heart and the knowledge that I share is from many many hours of research.  TM

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Letting Go…

img_3682The unlimited love and always giving nature of a Mother… where does the path take her when the breadcrumbs have been eaten or blown away? ¬†The years of perfecting the role of a lifetime… it was never really perfection, but a constant watching of the weather. ¬†Enjoying the sunshine on a clear day, and waiting for the storm to blow over and hoping for a rainbow the next. ¬†Like a sailor with his telescope watching the sea, hoping to get a read of where the wind will take his boat. ¬†Some arrive safely to shore, but not always.

Just when she thinks she’s¬†found the manual, or rather, written the manual, revisions come at a quick pace. ¬†Keeping up and trying not to fall behind, and yet… the hands holding onto the rope is slipping. ¬†Does she just let go? ¬†Maybe it’s time to let go. ¬†How much can the heart endure knowing that the rope is near the end? ¬†Time dwindles away with no rhyme or reason when a confusion is present.

Breathe. ¬†Take several… large… deep breaths… Think. ¬†The beautiful memories. ¬†A small hand holding a larger, safe hand. ¬†Showing the way… watching the weather together. ¬†Unlimited love… always giving… ¬†the path takes her to a lookout where she sees a rainbow over the horizon… TM ‚̧

Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part Four: Food is Medicine


Hi and welcome back!

Today is all about the food we eat.  This post will be a bit longer than the others in this series as there is much to cover, so thanks for sticking around.

What does food have to do with cancer? ¬†Well, first of all, food is not the same as what our grandparents ate. ¬†How do we know this? ¬†Look at the ingredients in the foods we eat, I highly doubt that “imitation grape flavor” were a part of Grandma’s daily diet. ¬†We have become a nation of fast food, microwave TV dinners, and a generation of people that are too busy to cook. ¬†We are not eating whole organic foods that nourish the body and helps to keep us healthy. ¬†It’s easy to buy a prepackaged meal loaded with unpronounceable ingredients or have pizza delivered, but the problem with this? ¬†We have become nutrient deficient. ¬†We are eating chemicals and pesticides. ¬†We are eating foods without thinking about what it is that we are actually eating. ¬†We are making ourselves sick and not even realizing it. ¬†Eating pesticides and harmful ingredients, well, think about this… pesticides are a known carcinogen which means… cancer.

Yes, even the food that we think is nourishing our bodies can be cancer causers. ¬†I can’t believe I have to write something as horrible as that. ¬†We would think that food, any food, would be healthy and nutritious once we put it in our mouths and start chewing. ¬†Unfortunately, that’s not the case. ¬†I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat” and in today’s world of processed, prepackaged foods and ingredients that we can’t pronounce, this couldn’t be more relevant.

Here are a few¬†reasons why…

~Food crops are doused in synthetic pesticides. ¬†The pesticides then travel through the roots, the stem, the leaves and eventually the fruit. ¬†You can’t wash that stuff off. ¬†Think about the word “pesticide.” ¬†Cide means to kill, and just because there is “pest” or “insect” or “herb” in front of cide, cide is not picky. ¬†Cide doesn’t necessarily know the difference between the words that are put in front of it. ¬†Crop seeds are also now manipulated and most (corn/soy) are injected with a pesticide so that when the plant grows, bugs that try to eat that plant will die by their inners exploding. ¬†Sound familiar? ¬†Eat enough of that type of food and viola! ¬†Gut problems! ¬†You can’t wash the pesticides off of those particular crops either as it has been injected. ¬†Eating organic is the best way in avoiding synthetic pesticides. ¬†Yes, organic uses pesticides as well, but it is not synthetic and it breaks down quickly and can be easily washed off.

~When was the last time you looked at the back of a food package and read the ingredient label? ¬†See all those unpronounceable words? ¬†Most are preservatives, fake colors, imitation¬†flavors, fillers, ingredients that have nothing to do with that food item that you’re about to put into your mouth, basically, chemicals. ¬†My question to you is, why? ¬†Why put that chemically laden, fake cheese flavored pretend crunchy snack into your body?

Our bodies are not made to eat poison… period. ¬†So when people wonder why they can’t lose weight, or they have gut problems, or now they have symptoms that they never had before, well, think about it. ¬†We are loading ourselves up with toxins and now our liver is doing double time. ¬†Or our gut is constantly not feeling well, maybe headaches come on a regular basis or even dizziness or constant fatigue. ¬†And then there are skin problems as well, as our bodies will do whatever it takes to get toxins OUT and it may be in the form of bumps, rashes or rough patches on our largest living organ on our body.

Look around you. ¬†Our country is not healthy, and the number one killer disease in children is now cancer. ¬†We are feeding our children nutrition lacking foods that all bodies need to thrive, grow and stay healthy. ¬†When our bodies don’t get the proper vitamins and minerals that keep our system intact, our body has no way to fight or protect itself from the toxins that are so prevalent in our daily lives.

~”Processed foods” are two words that we are all familiar with, but how well do we actually know how processed foods are made? ¬†What exactly is processed food? ¬†If you Google it, the definition is, “… foods that are packaged in boxes, cans or bags.” ¬†Usually, there is a high sugar content (almost always from GMO sugar beets), high sodium, refined oils (some oils in foods are also used to clean machinery), “natural flavorings” which is a mystery ingredient that can have who knows what in it, unrecognizable ingredients, and imitation blah blah blah. ¬†Yuck. ¬†And I don’t even wanna get into¬†how these factories make these foods as it’s definitely not how Grandma used to make! ¬†Not all processed foods are bad though, as long as you’re using your knife or buying a bag of organic precut carrots.

Food is medicine. ¬†Organic whole foods have all the nutrients that our body craves and needs. ¬†Most fast foods, prepackaged foods, and processed foods are missing essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain our health. ¬†Most Americans are deficient in iodine (Essential for healthy thyroid functioning), magnesium (Helps with heart, muscle and nerve functions and keeps bones strong), B vitamins (Regulates skin, nails, hair, improves circulation, digestion, nervous system, cells, and red blood cells), D vitamin (Helps with maintaining levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood), potassium (Maintains healthy blood pressure levels), vitamin E (protects against several cancers), calcium (Helps with strong bones, gums and teeth) and vitamin C (Vital for a healthy immune system). ¬†Can you see why I say food is medicine? ¬†I am not a doctor, but I probably know more about nutrition then they do, as medical doctors only get 23.9 hours of nutritional education and I’ve been researching health and nutrition for years now.

I don’t want cancer. ¬†I don’t think you want cancer either. ¬†I have found that the more I research and do my homework, I’m able to connect the dots and put the puzzle pieces together to avoid cancer and one of the ways I do it, is by eating whole organic foods. ¬†Real spinach, real bananas, real tomatoes, pasture free range eggs, shopping at the Farmers’ Market every weekend and fixing all my household meals.

I’m not saying what I’m writing is the silver bullet that will magically end cancer, but what I am saying is this… Do your best to be informed so that you can make educated decisions about what you put into your body. ¬†The more you become familiar, really familiar with the foods that nourishes your body, you will understand why I continue and keep continuing to say, “Food is Medicine.” TM ‚̧


~I am not a doctor, a scientist, or professional advisor.  I am a concerned citizen for our planet, the critters, and our children.  Everything I write is from my heart and the knowledge that I share is from many many hours of research.  TM

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