Are You Minding Your Online Manners?


I find it interesting that with the rise of social media, there has also been an increase of bad manners, so says the poll of me.  Am I the only one that notices rude or tactless behavior on the internet?  Social media is everywhere and there are plenty of people who use it on a daily basis, so how come online etiquette is brushed aside or in some cases, nonexistent?  What gets me confuzzled is that people will accept this behavior online but in real life would probably punch the culprit on the nose!

I’m positive that just text can be read the wrong way, as I have been on the receiving end of rude remarks that had me thinking that I must have wrote the text wrong.  Nope, I didn’t write it wrong, he was just rude.  His uncalled for remarks that were publicly displayed on Twitter got me thinking… Do people know the difference between how to behave online and how to behave in the real world (TRW)?  Or does it even matter?  I have been pondering this thought and have come to the conclusion that if a person practices good manners in TRW, they probably practice it online and if they don’t, is it because they have a protective shield known as a display screen that turns them into a barbaric cave person that grunts and moans with every text?  Hmmmm…

So with that last hmmmm… I’ve decided to list a Dos and Don’ts of Online Manners.  Here we go…

Do leave comments on an article or a social thread that you have read and enjoyed.  Nothing puts a smile on an online author’s face like a friendly comment and it is always appreciated.

Don’t not read the article, leave a comment that has nothing to do with the post and then claim the author is wrong!  Now, you know we’ve all seen these types of comments before!  While I’m at it, please don’t advertise your website either unless it is relevant to what the post is.  If people want to know who you are, they’ll click your name that I pretty much guarantee has a link connected.

Do take the time to say please and thank you to those that interact with you online. Whether it’s a retweet to thank someone or a please in front of the word share, please and thank you are the foundation of good manners.

 Don’t be rude!  Just because you may never meet someone in TRW, doesn’t give you the green light to throw your everyday manners out the window.  I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again, “Just because your words don’t mean anything to you, it means something to somebody.”
Do make friendly connections on social sites such as Facebook or G+.  What a wonderful opportunity for new friendships and possible business contacts.  Our world becomes that much smaller and the people around the globe become more like family with every new “friend” we encounter.
Don’t stay “friends” with those that have a track record of harassing or bullying others in the online world.  That type of behavior is unacceptable in TRW and chances are, you would never allow deplorable conduct in your home… so why would you acknowledge it in the form of a “friending” in your online home?  One word… unfriend!
So there you have it, online manners 101 so says me.  Thank you for taking the time to read!  Please share if you feel the need to remind others about their online manners.  Friendly comments are always appreciated.  Have a Wonderful Day! 😉

Mahalo for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated!

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