Can You Pronounce Those Toxic Words? Me Neither!


I get asked all the time what I purchase when I go shopping.  And when they ask, they ask for everything!  From food to personal care products and even household cleaners, I am constantly looking for healthy, and they know it.  Yup, I’m a toxic free junkie and I’m always reading my labels and researching words that I can’t pronounce!  I guess that’s why people who know me are always asking me about ingredients and labels.  With that being said, I have included in this post links and apps that I use on a regular basis to share with you.  We all need a little help when trying to decipher what those ingredients are and if you’re not a rocket scientist… well, you do like I do, use these resources to help you out.  Have a great day and keep reading those labels!


Food- Non GMO Project-

Food- Non GMO Shopping Guide-

Personal Care Products- EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Data Base-

I use this site for the chemical definitions- Healthy Child Healthy World-

Smart Phone Apps

BuyCott-  This app lets you know who the parent company is that owns that brand.  For instance, Kellogg’s is the parent company for Kashi.  FREE

Fooducate-  This app rates food products on how healthy it is.  If you want more advanced explanations, there is a fee, otherwise it’s FREE.

ipiit-  I like this app because you can customize it to your food preferences, nut allergies, dairy, ect. BUT, it’s still a newer app and they are still growing their data base.  FREE

Skin Deep-  Same as the data base from above, but the phone app version, though not as complete as the website.