Parents Don’t Care- Do You?

ImageThe other day, I had a discussion with a person that I highly respect and I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing… “Parents don’t care because if they did, they would make the time to create change.”  Wow, just wow.  I didn’t want to believe it.  I want people to care.  I especially want parents to care.  I want them to be informed about what’s going on in our world.  I want them to open their eyes and realize that the decisions being made today affect our children tomorrow. I want them to be as mad as I am, so mad in fact, that it makes them get up off their butts, no matter how tired they are or how busy a day they’ve had and do something to create positive change for their children.

Why am I mad?  With the help of bought out politicians, corporations are polluting the water, the air, the land, the food and our most precious resource, our children.  Profits are more important than the future health of our kids and when mistakes are made, such as coal ash being dumped in the river, leaks in infrastructures (multiple states) of a nuclear power/waste plant possibly contaminating ground water, fracking explosions exposing toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, well, who takes responsibility for the damage?  Who cleans it up?

Then there’s our home environment where most of us feel protected, but unfortunately, our homes are loaded with toxic items that we buy from the store and we believe these products to be safe.  We think that the manufacturers are keeping our health in mind when creating their products, but in reality, there are no regulations.  Toxic chemicals are in and around almost EVERYTHING.  Household cleaners, plastic sippy cups and even our toothpaste, I’m just scratching the surface with no end in sight.  I am not kidding.  Data collected estimates that we put on over 100, ONE HUNDRED, toxic chemicals on our personal selves before nine o’clock in the morning!  Is it no wonder that we all have allergies, skin conditions, ongoing health issues?  I mean, think about it… when we shampoo our hair, the chemicals in that product is being absorbed by our skin closest to our brain.  And did you know that in the USA there are no regulations for personal care products that we use?  Do you know what those ingredients are on the back of a shampoo bottle?  Or a better question might be, do you trust the ingredients that are listed?

Food is something we need every day to nurture our bodies and keep us healthy.  You would think that walking into a grocery store is a safe bet to find nutritious foods that we can feed to our families.  Ummm, well, did you know that 80% of processed foods that line the shelves of the grocery aisles are banned in other countries?  Yup, you read correct, 80%.  Have you read the labels of the food packaging lately?  It’s like trying to decipher the Greek language and I almost think that learning Greek might be easier than reading a food label in the United States.  Shouldn’t we be able to easily figure out what we are feeding our families?  Do you really know what those ingredients are?  Do you care?

Are you getting mad?  I hope you are because this is our children’s world, we’re just borrowing it until they have kids.  We are supposed to be the caretakers of this planet and ready it for the next generation, but I think that people have forgotten to look at what being ready means.  To see past their own selves and into a healthy future requires a selfless ego, which many heads of the corporations and political parties seem to have misplaced.

I hope that person is wrong.  I hope parents care.  I hope that there are others like me who make the time to create positive change for our children.  I care.  Do you?

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