Does Size Really Matter? Essante Organics Laundry Liquid Concentrate


When did we become so obsessed with size?  How did we get so brainwashed into believing that quantity is better than quality?  Maybe it’s because of all those “super-size-me” commercials?  I dunno, but for some reason we have been led to believe that more is better and if it’s 99 cents, it’s a deal!  It has been imbedded in our minds for so long that we need cheap, buy one get one free, but at 99 cents, what are we really getting?

I know you get what you pay for, and I knew the bottles would be small when I read the labels in the catalogue, but it was still an eye-opener when I opened my very first box of Essante Organics… I was so excited, got the knife out to cut the box open, pushing the popcorn packaging out of the way to retrieve my toxic free goods… *my heart sank just a little*… Eight products and some catalogues all fit in that little box?


Oh my, the Laundry Liquid bottle is soooo small!  Sixteen ounces?  With all the laundry I do, that’ll last my family about a day, if I’m lucky!  I’m so used to seeing a Costco sized detergent that barely fits under my upright washing machine.  Hmmmm… well, I’m getting what I paid for, right?  Quality over quantity, 100% certified toxic free and no matter what the size of the bottles are, I’m striving for a healthier lifestyle for my family, even if it is on the pricier side… *ahem*

One month later…

I can’t believe I still have laundry detergent!!  It really is true, one capful for a load of laundry and two capfuls if they’re extra dirty!  I didn’t tell anyone in my household when I started using the Essante Laundry Liquid, I just wanted to see if anybody noticed a difference and sure enough, the day came when I got my answer…

I was in the backyard when my Hubby came around the corner wearing the clothes that I knew I washed in the EO Laundry Liquid.  I told him and he looked at me funny.  Then he said to me, “I know this will sound odd, but when I put my clothes on this morning, I noticed that they felt really clean.”  That’s all I needed!  You see, my Husband has always had a sensitive nose about the “smell” of the freshly laundered towels, or, he’ll put a sleeve to my nose and will ask me for a sniff test.  The fact that he said the clothes felt clean, literally made me jump up and down and clap my hands!

So, the moral of the story is, you can’t judge a product based on quantity.  You get what you pay for and I’m so delighted that I now have a new laundry soap that is 100% Certified Toxic Free, Hubby Approved… and conveniently fits under my upright washing machine.  🙂

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Label Reading Blues


Are you one of the many who are just waking up to the realities of what’s going on with our chemical world?  When you go into the grocery store or to a Target, are you reading your labels before you put that item into your cart?  When you discover what’s on the label, after putting that item back on the shelf, do you get mad?  Do you feel like you’re falling in a never ending hole by the endless amount of words that are unpronounceable on our ingredient labels for personal care products and our food?  Well, you’re not alone!

The view is so clear once the blinders have been removed, and all of a sudden, we realize that the scenery is not very pleasurable.  How in the world did our food and our everyday household and personal items become so toxic?  Who let this happen?  These questions are a whole other article, and right now I want to focus on the feelings that we get when we go into a store or into a restaurant having a clear view and an understanding that soooooo many items around us are toxic.  I know how I feel, and I’m sure you feel it too… angry, disappointed and betrayed.

No matter how we feel about being bombarded by constant negativity, we can still make positive change.  Because you’re here and reading these words, please know that you are all ready making change, no matter how frustrating you may feel after you leave the store.  I am writing this article to let YOU know that you’re doing a FANTASTIC job.  Please keep in mind that purposeful change takes time.  When the blinders come off, seeing all that there is to see, can be quite alarming and yes, very overwhelming.  But don’t give up!  Keep at it and the more you do it, the more proficient you become.  How do I know?  Because in my pre label reading days, running an errand to the store took me 15 minutes.  Then I started reading labels, and doing that same errand, now took twice as long as I was now trying to decipher a whole other language!  It does get easier though, you’ll see.

I’ve discovered that the more I learn, the healthier I’ve become and my lifestyle has changed dramatically.  The world around you opens up to the possibilities that change, positive and purposeful, can happen.  It’s the empowerment of knowledge that feels so good, to not have any corporation or brand tell you what is good for you.  You tell YOU what is good for you.  Take it a little at a time, breathe deep, and know that you are doing everything possible to make purposeful change.  Reading a label takes time.  I know you can do it, I did and still am learning, and I will keep encouraging you to do so as well.  Hey look!  The view is already getting better. 🙂


To help you save some time at the store, I have found these apps to be helpful…