The Feeling of Change

photoSo many changes, how does that make you feel?  Yes, it is uncomfortable not knowing the outcome of these situations, so instead of replaying an unknown scenario over and over in our head, we need to breathe in deep and blow it out slowly.  To dwell on and on about an unforeseen future only wastes time and energy and just makes for an uneasy rest of the day.  I know you feel it, because I do too, so we must recognize this type of energy for what it is.

Change has a weird effect on people.  Some are giddy, few are ready, while others turn away and if they could hide under the bed until it passes, that would be fine with them.  To them I say, “Hang on tight and enjoy the newness.  We would never know how rewarding or how satisfying change could be if it never occurred.”

Transition is a part of the change and it is difficult for some to internalize… internalize all we want, but change is gonna happen, ready or not.  We need to think of change in a positive light so that we become excited, encouraged and ready for a new adventure.  Good or bad, change is all in the way we view it, so we might as well take deep breaths, come out under the bed and ready ourselves for the inevitable…


The Weapon of Choice

IMG_1145A Mother’s love can be felt by the vibrations that zoom through the force field of any and all obstacles, as no other energy can bring down the purest form of love that comes from a Mother’s heart.

These words are for you.  These words give you assurance and strength that what you do today, makes a purposeful impact for tomorrow.  No one can take that away from you.  There is no one that is stronger than a Mother’s love.  The opposers may look big and feel intimidating, but look very carefully… do you see it?  A chink in the armor.  Itsy bitsy and hardly noticeable with a realization that this glitch cannot be fixed.  The flaw?  Wealth over health of our children.

YOU are appreciated, even at times when we feel the weight of all the world on our shoulders.  Keep doing what you do my fellow Mommy Warriors… we will succeed and the battle will be won.   YOU are not alone, you are a part of the change that will be created by our choice of weapon… love. ❤

The Light Within…

photoFresh is the day with the warmth of the sun wrapped around us.  The embrace and the heat warms our very core and it feels safe.  The ever changing world makes it difficult for some to keep with their daily schedules, but that’s okay, a break in the ordinary routine stirs creativity and the feeling of something new.  Sometimes a tragedy unites the souls to speak as one, to make it right.  When the words of change grow stronger, and the wind blows the sound of these words across the ocean, it becomes a hum… a hum that will get louder and louder until the vibration is so strong that it breaks the negativity apart and a new energy emerges on the horizon.  Soon…

For You L.A.S.


The world you have always known has changed.  Sometimes it looks like before, and then when you look closer, the resemblance fades away.  Don’t hold on.  Let it go and surround yourself with people who hold the key to unlock the questions that are bubbling deep within.  They’ll guide you, all you have to do is ask.  Slow down every now and then and don’t let the hurry hurry decide for you what it really means.  Sometimes, it doesn’t mean anything.

Remember, deep breaths are good and please don’t forget to laugh at the silliness.  We NEED the laughter and a hug to go with.  The affects of positive energy for you from laughing and a hug keeps your world balanced and there’s an inner peace that comforts and makes everything feel right.  I’m sending you a virtual hug and a giggle right now… ❤


For You Jana



When the wind blows, the message will find you.  Let the beauty surround you and you will see clearly the answer you’ve been looking for.  The scent in the air is a language that few truly understand, but you do, and your willingness to share your knowledge of this ancient code is awakening those who are finding their way back to their roots.  Music has always been and forever forward the vibration of the soul.  Too many don’t recognize the energy for what it is… the breath for which our very being lives by.  But you do.

Thank you for you my Friend.  May people who cross your path and connect with your spirit be enlightened and encouraged to find their own inner light so that they too will share their knowledge… because you do. ❤

Are You Ready?

fork-road-5961433Get ready.  It’s coming.  The world is changing and we need to be awake with our eyes wide open.  It’s not about right or left, it’s not about race, sex, or religion… we are all one.  We need to come together and protect our precious resources… water, air, land, our children… Mother Earth needs our assistance and we no longer can sit around and keep our mouths shut.

We have come to a fork in the road.  Do we go this way?  Or that way?  We go the way our heart is guiding us.  The inner voice will tell you if you listen with purposeful intention.  Always a lesson, always a purpose, see it for what it is and you will know which way to go.

Aloha, TM

One Voice

As my journey continues towards awareness and positive change, I am constantly challenged by those who tell me that one voice is not good enough.  A single voice in a world filled with broken systems and misleading information can never make a difference for a new beginning… I beg to differ.  I am one voice and I make sure on a daily basis that I am heard loud and clear.

Yes, sometimes it seems that nobody cares or that nobody is listening and then, the ‘thank you’ message comes.  At first, me being so vocal on topics that matter, having concerns that no person would speak out loud, well, let’s just say that the end of the plank bending forward to the sea starts to feel normal, and this is where I find my strength.  Finding balance and a loud voice to encourage and inform others that they too can make their voices heard, makes the end of the plank a place of new beginnings and a sense of lost fear.

With an inner courage that exudes confidence in my voice, I have created a positive environment of sharing and helping others become aware of their own voice.

A single voice, that’s all I am…