One Voice

As my journey continues towards awareness and positive change, I am constantly challenged by those who tell me that one voice is not good enough.  A single voice in a world filled with broken systems and misleading information can never make a difference for a new beginning… I beg to differ.  I am one voice and I make sure on a daily basis that I am heard loud and clear.

Yes, sometimes it seems that nobody cares or that nobody is listening and then, the ‘thank you’ message comes.  At first, me being so vocal on topics that matter, having concerns that no person would speak out loud, well, let’s just say that the end of the plank bending forward to the sea starts to feel normal, and this is where I find my strength.  Finding balance and a loud voice to encourage and inform others that they too can make their voices heard, makes the end of the plank a place of new beginnings and a sense of lost fear.

With an inner courage that exudes confidence in my voice, I have created a positive environment of sharing and helping others become aware of their own voice.

A single voice, that’s all I am…


8 thoughts on “One Voice

  1. You are an exceptional woman Tracy. I think it is sooo important to know and remember when you are standing on the end of that blank (I think we have taken up residence at times lol) – anyway remember that there are millions of people who are on the same path as we are and each day whether it is in their little shop, or their yoga studio or just making dinner for a child or elderly parent, they are making the changes necessary and sharing (just not in the same way as we are lol) – we are waking people up and brining about change! Never Ever Stop Posting, Blogging or Sharing chickie. It’s our purpose<3

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