For You Jana



When the wind blows, the message will find you.  Let the beauty surround you and you will see clearly the answer you’ve been looking for.  The scent in the air is a language that few truly understand, but you do, and your willingness to share your knowledge of this ancient code is awakening those who are finding their way back to their roots.  Music has always been and forever forward the vibration of the soul.  Too many don’t recognize the energy for what it is… the breath for which our very being lives by.  But you do.

Thank you for you my Friend.  May people who cross your path and connect with your spirit be enlightened and encouraged to find their own inner light so that they too will share their knowledge… because you do. ❤


2 thoughts on “For You Jana

  1. My oh my, I had to dry my eyes to gaze upon these generous words one more time ~ sent to me, in a waft of the wind from your soul to mine, so my eyes may dine.
    I have truly met my spirit wave of a sister in you my dear Tracy gal. May I remember to stand in this mirror. For the waves of the elements flow freely here! Aho my friend, Aho!

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