For You L.A.S.


The world you have always known has changed.  Sometimes it looks like before, and then when you look closer, the resemblance fades away.  Don’t hold on.  Let it go and surround yourself with people who hold the key to unlock the questions that are bubbling deep within.  They’ll guide you, all you have to do is ask.  Slow down every now and then and don’t let the hurry hurry decide for you what it really means.  Sometimes, it doesn’t mean anything.

Remember, deep breaths are good and please don’t forget to laugh at the silliness.  We NEED the laughter and a hug to go with.  The affects of positive energy for you from laughing and a hug keeps your world balanced and there’s an inner peace that comforts and makes everything feel right.  I’m sending you a virtual hug and a giggle right now… ❤



2 thoughts on “For You L.A.S.

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