The Feeling of Change

photoSo many changes, how does that make you feel?  Yes, it is uncomfortable not knowing the outcome of these situations, so instead of replaying an unknown scenario over and over in our head, we need to breathe in deep and blow it out slowly.  To dwell on and on about an unforeseen future only wastes time and energy and just makes for an uneasy rest of the day.  I know you feel it, because I do too, so we must recognize this type of energy for what it is.

Change has a weird effect on people.  Some are giddy, few are ready, while others turn away and if they could hide under the bed until it passes, that would be fine with them.  To them I say, “Hang on tight and enjoy the newness.  We would never know how rewarding or how satisfying change could be if it never occurred.”

Transition is a part of the change and it is difficult for some to internalize… internalize all we want, but change is gonna happen, ready or not.  We need to think of change in a positive light so that we become excited, encouraged and ready for a new adventure.  Good or bad, change is all in the way we view it, so we might as well take deep breaths, come out under the bed and ready ourselves for the inevitable…


4 thoughts on “The Feeling of Change

  1. Tracy you NEVER cease to amaze me my dear. I was literally taking that deep breath as I read lol:) I could not agree with your thoughts more. For soo many people change is the scariest thing imaginable as it is happening…and oddly enough even though we have all gone through many changes in our lifetimes we tend to continually get scared – interesting that we don’t get “giddy” with excitement and remember all the good things that resulted from previous changes …

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    • Right? Somehow we forget the positive changes that have already happened and how it affected our lives for the better, not all, but probably for the most a learning. And a learning is always a good thing. Thank you for your wonderful words as always Susan. ❤

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