Looking Through the Eyes of Love

IMG_1331When I find things in my surroundings that don’t quite match up to my purpose, sometimes it can throw me off balance.  To find my center, I take a deep breath and embrace the negative energy.  Yes, I really do.

But I am human, and frustration fills my perspectives before I see all angles.  This is where deep breath number two comes in and calm and clear start to take over.  With deep breath number three, the view becomes a question of why and the scenery starts to unfold.

Sometimes the anger we may feel or the misunderstanding that we think has happened looks very different when stepping back and seeing it through a different lens.  How about seeing the situation through the eyes of love?

Silly, I know… but it really puts a new spin on a topic that at the time seemed unfavorable.  Love has a way of guiding us to the truth.  It just does.  And the negative energy that kept me off balance?  Gone.  Poof.  Maybe deep breath number four helped carry it away…


Wake Up Sleepy Head!

photoDo you ever wonder why certain feelings come over you and you can’t quite figure out why it feels so urgent?  Or how about the feeling that maybe your thoughts and ideas are just a bit wackier than others, so you keep them to yourself so as not to be labeled?  Ever have those days that words come flying out of your mouth and you’ve no idea what you just said, but it makes sense to those around you?  Uh huh.  Welcome to the awakening, you are starting to remember.

Mission Statement to the Universe

universe-wallpaper-13I was told to make a mission statement.  I was told that when I make this statement, I would be acknowledging my service to the Universe.  Hey Universe!  I’m ALL in and I will raise it to a higher level… just like you planned.  Why did I take so long?  I needed to find my way here, or maybe, I just needed a fire lit under my butt.  I’m ready now and it’s been a long time coming, but any earlier and the mission wouldn’t mean the same.

So here’s to thinking BIG and owning it.  It’s time to start… 3… 2… 1… GO!!