Post Election Thoughts

photoThe tears sliding down my hot cheeks tells me that I must take a breath and realize that what makes for moist eyes is the unjust ways of the system.  Doesn’t anyone see what I see?  I see the toxic chemicals seeping quietly beneath the radar and making its way in every part of our environment.  The invisible intruder has enveloped our food, our household and personal care products, our land, our water and our air.

The moneymakers will continue releasing these poisons with the help of trusted agencies that we thought were on our side.  The veil of transparency has grown dingy and gray and the blindfolds on the masses continue to stay on.  For how long will this heartbreaking tale be told?  And the ones who suffer the most, are the ones who cannot speak up… the children, the critters of the land, the fish in the sea, and Mother Earth.

My heart aches, but I am not done speaking up, I will only speak LOUDER.  From this day forward I continue my quest…


2 thoughts on “Post Election Thoughts

  1. I hear you Tracy and I hope you do exactly what you just said – speak LOUDER and continue. I feel myself being called home for the same reasons. Grassroots politics, such as what you are promoting, are really the most effective way forward anyway. Changing people’s hearts and mind one post at a time is the best way through in my opinion. xxx

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