My Words Coming to Life

Hi there!  I’m glad you’re here.  As you know, I write from my heart and there’s always a message.  And now, I’ve started making videos for those who do the “You Tube thing”… geez, I’m so not a cool lingo speak person!  So in between my writings, I’ll post up videos that I hope will inspire you and encourage you.  Have the BEST day and don’t forget to breathe!  TM 🙂


Flocked Trees, Christmas Ninjas and a Borrowed Miracle

One of my favorite holiday memories… Enjoy!

Tracy Madlener


It’s the holiday season once more and it never fails, I, Tracy Madlener become a mushy ball of sentimental goo with no rhyme or reason that even listening to Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” will put me in tears!  As soon as December 1 is marked off the calendar, I start reflecting about where I’ve been, or where I’m going.  Maybe I’m getting older… did I just say that out loud??  Or maybe I’m just a sucker for anything that resembles miracles and happy endings.

 Reflection also comes with the sentimental package and please don’t let me run out of tissues!  There is one memory from a past Christmas that has me crying, every year… and then my tummy hurts, and then I’m crying some more because I can’t stop laughing.  That was the year I lived in Hawaii and I painted my Christmas tree…

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