Choose Foward

IMG_0300History shows us again and again a pattern wether in fashion or music, politics, or in society, what was and is acceptable, or not acceptable. Some believe that knowing our history and it’s patterns is the only way to move forward and to keep history from repeating itself. I agree that we can learn from our mistakes, but I also believe that we can move forward based on the discoveries that have occurred within each cycle that has been repeated. Is the cycle an exact replica from before? No, it isn’t, for good OR bad, it’s always different even if just a little. It’s a constant shift, moving forward, but never going back.
To think that what happened 100 years ago will be the same in a new generation, well, the pattern may be similar, but the print on the fabric is new and improved with a memory of the past but a perspective for a new future. To make change, we must know of the patterns that came before, but be open to a new print and not always think that it will be the same.
Living in the past keeps us, well, in the past. In order to grow and move forward, we must live in the now time, reflect on the past, reach out to the future and stay in the present.
TM ❤