Lessons Learned


Photo Credit by Me 🙂


Everything is a lesson if we let it be.  The trick is to realize that it IS a learning and as we discover that with each lesson, we only get better and stronger.  As the lesson becomes more clear, patience develops and a calmness within takes place.  But we must be able to put our personal feelings aside to have an open mind to take in what we just learned.  Try it.  You’ll find a new understanding within.  Namaste & Aloha… TM ❤


Look Clearly


Photo Credit by Me 🙂 

Hello!  Remember you?  What?  Tracy, what are you talking about?  YOU.  Remember YOU.  Hmmm… okay, let me reword this…

When you first read my words, you thought I was gonna say, “remember me”, right?  So it confused, just for a bit, until the words that you are looking at this very moment, and now it is clear.

Life is like that.  We are currently living in a moment of thinking what we think it is, but then it isn’t and it’s a confusion, but just for a bit.  Step back, remember YOU, and now it is clear.  Make sense?  Message for today.  🙂

Namaste and Aloha Always ❤

A Map Can Help


Photo Credit by Me  🙂

It has been WAY to long since I’ve put my thoughts down on this blog.  Time just runs away and next thing you know, just when I think I grabbed it by the tail, 7 months have gone by!  There’s so much I want to say and a series I want to finish (Overall Wellness vs. Cancer) and yet… ahhhh life!

Has it been that way for you too?  It feels very restless, or maybe the word I’m looking for is unrest?  So much energy is off balance and leaning too far right or maybe too far left is making us all feel a bit wobbly.

I’m so glad that I’m writing this as the words that are popping up on my screen are giving not just you a reminder, but for me as well.  What to do when life feels wobbly?  Reflect, deep breath, give thanks, and remember where we are going.

So with that, I’m going outside to put my feet in the grass and feel the sunshine on my skin and try to remember where I put that road map… TM ❤