Does Size Really Matter? Essante Organics Laundry Liquid Concentrate


When did we become so obsessed with size?  How did we get so brainwashed into believing that quantity is better than quality?  Maybe it’s because of all those “super-size-me” commercials?  I dunno, but for some reason we have been led to believe that more is better and if it’s 99 cents, it’s a deal!  It has been imbedded in our minds for so long that we need cheap, buy one get one free, but at 99 cents, what are we really getting?

I know you get what you pay for, and I knew the bottles would be small when I read the labels in the catalogue, but it was still an eye-opener when I opened my very first box of Essante Organics… I was so excited, got the knife out to cut the box open, pushing the popcorn packaging out of the way to retrieve my toxic free goods… *my heart sank just a little*… Eight products and some catalogues all fit in that little box?


Oh my, the Laundry Liquid bottle is soooo small!  Sixteen ounces?  With all the laundry I do, that’ll last my family about a day, if I’m lucky!  I’m so used to seeing a Costco sized detergent that barely fits under my upright washing machine.  Hmmmm… well, I’m getting what I paid for, right?  Quality over quantity, 100% certified toxic free and no matter what the size of the bottles are, I’m striving for a healthier lifestyle for my family, even if it is on the pricier side… *ahem*

One month later…

I can’t believe I still have laundry detergent!!  It really is true, one capful for a load of laundry and two capfuls if they’re extra dirty!  I didn’t tell anyone in my household when I started using the Essante Laundry Liquid, I just wanted to see if anybody noticed a difference and sure enough, the day came when I got my answer…

I was in the backyard when my Hubby came around the corner wearing the clothes that I knew I washed in the EO Laundry Liquid.  I told him and he looked at me funny.  Then he said to me, “I know this will sound odd, but when I put my clothes on this morning, I noticed that they felt really clean.”  That’s all I needed!  You see, my Husband has always had a sensitive nose about the “smell” of the freshly laundered towels, or, he’ll put a sleeve to my nose and will ask me for a sniff test.  The fact that he said the clothes felt clean, literally made me jump up and down and clap my hands!

So, the moral of the story is, you can’t judge a product based on quantity.  You get what you pay for and I’m so delighted that I now have a new laundry soap that is 100% Certified Toxic Free, Hubby Approved… and conveniently fits under my upright washing machine.  🙂

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Essante’ Organics… Let The Journey Begin

Essante Organics

Okay… so many of you know that I’m constantly spreading awareness about our foods, our personal care products and information about the big corporations that are poisoning our children’s planet.  I’m always asking others to make “purposeful” decisions and pay attention to what’s going on in our communities.  Change happens when we admit there’s a problem, get mad, ask questions, find solutions, and then implement those solutions daily to make it a habit which then creates change.  Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

One of the “purposeful” changes I’ve made over the past few years has been learning to read labels.  This is NOT an easy task unless you are a rocket scientist and even if you are, have you seen the ingredient label on the back of a shampoo bottle??  You might as well be reading the walls in the Egyptian tombs, at least there’s pictures!  Okay, but seriously, ingredient label reading should be a college course and be required reading for high school freshman… just saying.  🙂  What I have learned over the years is that if I can’t pronounce what’s on the label, or I don’t know what it is, I don’t buy it, period.  It’s crazy how many toxic chemicals are in and around our every day environment and our children are being affected daily.

I have been searching and trying and spending money (wasting money) on all kinds of products that the company promises me is healthy, natural, and they use good ingredients.  Lies… all lies and the poor sales people get suckered into the belief of the “tale” that the company is telling them.  If only those employees would just read their labels!  Just the other day I went into a store that I’ve never heard of before.  It was done all in green with beautiful plants and an organic looking atmosphere, of course I was instantly curious!  I’m always hoping to find non toxic and healthy products and by the way the store looked, it must be here.

I asked the salesperson to point me to their healthiest products.  She then told me that all their products are healthy because they are all plant based.  Ummm, okay, let me read the ingredient labels… I immediately saw carcinogenic ingredients in 4 out of 5 products.  I told the salesperson that I was looking for their non toxic products, she told me they didn’t have any organic products and that it was all plant based.  I then explained I wasn’t looking for organic, I was looking for non toxic, there’s a difference. *Looking at her sternly*  That’s about the time that my visit to their store ended as it was clearly obvious that this was another company telling me lies.  It may have also been because my youngest was laughing loudly and calling me a “blunt ax!”

That did it for me.  I’m so over the lies.  So, guess what I did?  I joined the Essante’ Organics family.  They are certified toxic free, no animal testing, no GMOs and they use organic and wild crafted ingredients.  I have just started down this path with them and I’m gonna journal it here, to share with you.  I’m hoping this is the solution that I’ve been looking for and I’m excited about the possibilities of a new and “purposeful” change.

In case you would like to check out what Essante Organics is all about, here’s a link… Essante’ Organics