Lessons Learned


Photo Credit by Me ūüôā


Everything is a lesson if we let it be. ¬†The trick is to realize that it IS a learning and as we discover that with each lesson, we only get better and stronger. ¬†As the lesson becomes more clear, patience develops and a calmness within takes place. ¬†But we must be able to put our personal feelings aside to have an open mind to take in what we just learned. ¬†Try it. ¬†You’ll find a new understanding within. ¬†Namaste & Aloha… TM ‚̧


Feet in the Grass

photoWe all have them, you’re not alone. ¬†Some days are just… BLAH. ¬†It’s not that the day itself was bad, it’s not that anything really went wrong, it’s just that sometimes our energy is zapped up by those who may need it more than we do. ¬†The fact that we can help these people in that way, well, not everybody can do it. ¬†When days like this presents itself to you, after the depletion, it’s time to gather yourself and find your tranquil paradise.

Several deep breaths in a moment between hecticness (I think I just made up my own word?) works in a pinch, but sometimes we need much more than breath… we need to ground ourselves. ¬†Go outside, put your bare feet in the grass, close your eyes, and feel the earth beneath your feet. ¬†Take a deep breath, exhale… open your eyes, look around with a new perspective and look for a small joy that brings a sense of wonderment. ¬†Have you ever noticed that flower growing over there? ¬†Do you hear the bird chirping in a nearby tree? ¬†The clouds look so white…

There you go. ¬†You feel it? ¬†Your calm and your energy filling up your heart, your mind and your soul. ¬†‚̧

For You L.A.S.


The world you have always known has changed. ¬†Sometimes it looks like before, and then when you look closer, the resemblance fades away. ¬†Don’t hold on. ¬†Let it go and surround yourself with people who hold the key¬†to unlock the questions that are bubbling deep within. ¬†They’ll guide you, all you have to do is ask. ¬†Slow down every now and then and don’t let the hurry hurry decide for you what it really means. ¬†Sometimes, it doesn’t mean anything.

Remember, deep breaths are good and please don’t forget to laugh at the silliness. ¬†We NEED the laughter and a hug to go with. ¬†The affects of positive energy for¬†you from laughing and a hug keeps your world balanced and there’s an inner peace that comforts and makes everything feel right. ¬†I’m sending you a virtual hug and a giggle right now… ‚̧


For You Jana



When¬†the wind blows, the message will find you. ¬†Let the beauty surround you and you will see clearly the answer you’ve been looking for. ¬†The scent in the air is a language that few truly understand, but you do, and your willingness to share your knowledge of this ancient code is awakening those who are finding their way back to their roots. ¬†Music has always been and forever forward the vibration of the soul. ¬†Too many don’t recognize the energy for what it is… the breath for which our very being lives by. ¬†But you do.

Thank you for you my Friend. ¬†May people who cross your path and connect with your spirit be enlightened and encouraged to find their own inner light¬†so that they too will share their knowledge… because you do. ‚̧