A Map Can Help


Photo Credit by Me ¬†ūüôā

It has been WAY to long since I’ve put my thoughts down on this blog. ¬†Time just runs away and next thing you know, just when I think I grabbed it by the tail, 7 months have gone by! ¬†There’s so much I want to say and a series I want to finish (Overall Wellness vs. Cancer) and yet… ahhhh life!

Has it been that way for you too? ¬†It feels very restless, or maybe the word I’m looking for is unrest? ¬†So much energy is off balance and leaning too far right or maybe too far left is making us all feel a bit wobbly.

I’m so glad that I’m writing this as the words that are popping up on my screen are giving not just you a reminder, but for me as well. ¬†What to do when life feels wobbly? ¬†Reflect, deep breath, give thanks, and remember where we are going.

So with that, I’m going outside to put my feet in the grass and feel the sunshine on my skin and try to remember where I put that road map… TM ‚̧

Letting Go…

img_3682The unlimited love and always giving nature of a Mother… where does the path take her when the breadcrumbs have been eaten or blown away? ¬†The years of perfecting the role of a lifetime… it was never really perfection, but a constant watching of the weather. ¬†Enjoying the sunshine on a clear day, and waiting for the storm to blow over and hoping for a rainbow the next. ¬†Like a sailor with his telescope watching the sea, hoping to get a read of where the wind will take his boat. ¬†Some arrive safely to shore, but not always.

Just when she thinks she’s¬†found the manual, or rather, written the manual, revisions come at a quick pace. ¬†Keeping up and trying not to fall behind, and yet… the hands holding onto the rope is slipping. ¬†Does she just let go? ¬†Maybe it’s time to let go. ¬†How much can the heart endure knowing that the rope is near the end? ¬†Time dwindles away with no rhyme or reason when a confusion is present.

Breathe. ¬†Take several… large… deep breaths… Think. ¬†The beautiful memories. ¬†A small hand holding a larger, safe hand. ¬†Showing the way… watching the weather together. ¬†Unlimited love… always giving… ¬†the path takes her to a lookout where she sees a rainbow over the horizon… TM ‚̧

My Words Coming to Life

Hi there! ¬†I’m glad you’re here. ¬†As you know, I write from my heart and there’s always a message. ¬†And now, I’ve started making videos for those who do the “You Tube thing”… geez, I’m so not a cool lingo speak¬†person! ¬†So in between my writings, I’ll post up videos that I hope will inspire you and encourage you. ¬†Have the BEST day and don’t forget to breathe! ¬†TM ūüôā

Post Election Thoughts

photoThe tears sliding down my hot cheeks tells me that I must take a breath and realize that what makes for moist eyes is the unjust ways of the system.  Doesn’t anyone see what I see?  I see the toxic chemicals seeping quietly beneath the radar and making its way in every part of our environment.  The invisible intruder has enveloped our food, our household and personal care products, our land, our water and our air.

The moneymakers will continue releasing these poisons with the help of trusted agencies that we thought were on our side.¬† The veil of transparency has grown dingy and gray and the blindfolds on the masses continue to stay on.¬† For how long will this heartbreaking tale be told?¬† And the ones who suffer the most, are the ones who cannot speak up… the children, the critters of the land, the fish in the sea, and Mother Earth.

My heart aches, but I am not done speaking up, I will only speak LOUDER.¬† From this day forward I continue my quest…

Good Morning



The morning is breathing upon me with its freshness and glorious early bird view. ¬†Day life is waking up as the nocturnal beings are slowly fading into their cozy cocoons ready for their sunlit naps. ¬†My first cup of warmth has prepared¬†me to seek the challenges of the day and to this I say, “Bring it!”… smiling of course, because every morning brings a sense of a newness that can be of our choosing, and I choose to view it with a ray of sunshine surrounding my heart. ¬†I’d better go look for my sunglasses…

The Warrior in ALL of Us!

I am a very passionate person.  I write from my heart and I do everything I can to encourage and inspire others.  Not only do I write from my heart, but I speak from my heart as well.

Be a warrior… for our children, for our planet, for our future.

The Weapon of Choice

IMG_1145A Mother’s love can be felt by the vibrations that zoom through the force field of any and all obstacles, as no other energy can bring down the purest form of love that comes from a Mother’s heart.

These words are for you.¬† These words give you assurance and strength that what you do today, makes a purposeful impact for tomorrow.¬† No one can take that away from you.¬† There is no one that is stronger than a Mother‚Äôs love.¬† The opposers may look big and feel intimidating, but look very carefully… do you see it?¬† A chink in the armor.¬† Itsy bitsy and hardly noticeable with a realization that this glitch cannot be fixed.¬† The flaw?¬† Wealth over health of our children.

YOU are appreciated, even at times when we feel the weight of all the world on our shoulders.¬† Keep doing what you do my fellow Mommy Warriors… we will succeed and the battle will be won. ¬† YOU are not alone, you are a part of the change that will be created by our choice of weapon… love. ‚̧