Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part Four: Food is Medicine


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Today is all about the food we eat.  This post will be a bit longer than the others in this series as there is much to cover, so thanks for sticking around.

What does food have to do with cancer?  Well, first of all, food is not the same as what our grandparents ate.  How do we know this?  Look at the ingredients in the foods we eat, I highly doubt that “imitation grape flavor” were a part of Grandma’s daily diet.  We have become a nation of fast food, microwave TV dinners, and a generation of people that are too busy to cook.  We are not eating whole organic foods that nourish the body and helps to keep us healthy.  It’s easy to buy a prepackaged meal loaded with unpronounceable ingredients or have pizza delivered, but the problem with this?  We have become nutrient deficient.  We are eating chemicals and pesticides.  We are eating foods without thinking about what it is that we are actually eating.  We are making ourselves sick and not even realizing it.  Eating pesticides and harmful ingredients, well, think about this… pesticides are a known carcinogen which means… cancer.

Yes, even the food that we think is nourishing our bodies can be cancer causers.  I can’t believe I have to write something as horrible as that.  We would think that food, any food, would be healthy and nutritious once we put it in our mouths and start chewing.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat” and in today’s world of processed, prepackaged foods and ingredients that we can’t pronounce, this couldn’t be more relevant.

Here are a few reasons why…

~Food crops are doused in synthetic pesticides.  The pesticides then travel through the roots, the stem, the leaves and eventually the fruit.  You can’t wash that stuff off.  Think about the word “pesticide.”  Cide means to kill, and just because there is “pest” or “insect” or “herb” in front of cide, cide is not picky.  Cide doesn’t necessarily know the difference between the words that are put in front of it.  Crop seeds are also now manipulated and most (corn/soy) are injected with a pesticide so that when the plant grows, bugs that try to eat that plant will die by their inners exploding.  Sound familiar?  Eat enough of that type of food and viola!  Gut problems!  You can’t wash the pesticides off of those particular crops either as it has been injected.  Eating organic is the best way in avoiding synthetic pesticides.  Yes, organic uses pesticides as well, but it is not synthetic and it breaks down quickly and can be easily washed off.

~When was the last time you looked at the back of a food package and read the ingredient label?  See all those unpronounceable words?  Most are preservatives, fake colors, imitation flavors, fillers, ingredients that have nothing to do with that food item that you’re about to put into your mouth, basically, chemicals.  My question to you is, why?  Why put that chemically laden, fake cheese flavored pretend crunchy snack into your body?

Our bodies are not made to eat poison… period.  So when people wonder why they can’t lose weight, or they have gut problems, or now they have symptoms that they never had before, well, think about it.  We are loading ourselves up with toxins and now our liver is doing double time.  Or our gut is constantly not feeling well, maybe headaches come on a regular basis or even dizziness or constant fatigue.  And then there are skin problems as well, as our bodies will do whatever it takes to get toxins OUT and it may be in the form of bumps, rashes or rough patches on our largest living organ on our body.

Look around you.  Our country is not healthy, and the number one killer disease in children is now cancer.  We are feeding our children nutrition lacking foods that all bodies need to thrive, grow and stay healthy.  When our bodies don’t get the proper vitamins and minerals that keep our system intact, our body has no way to fight or protect itself from the toxins that are so prevalent in our daily lives.

~”Processed foods” are two words that we are all familiar with, but how well do we actually know how processed foods are made?  What exactly is processed food?  If you Google it, the definition is, “… foods that are packaged in boxes, cans or bags.”  Usually, there is a high sugar content (almost always from GMO sugar beets), high sodium, refined oils (some oils in foods are also used to clean machinery), “natural flavorings” which is a mystery ingredient that can have who knows what in it, unrecognizable ingredients, and imitation blah blah blah.  Yuck.  And I don’t even wanna get into how these factories make these foods as it’s definitely not how Grandma used to make!  Not all processed foods are bad though, as long as you’re using your knife or buying a bag of organic precut carrots.

Food is medicine.  Organic whole foods have all the nutrients that our body craves and needs.  Most fast foods, prepackaged foods, and processed foods are missing essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain our health.  Most Americans are deficient in iodine (Essential for healthy thyroid functioning), magnesium (Helps with heart, muscle and nerve functions and keeps bones strong), B vitamins (Regulates skin, nails, hair, improves circulation, digestion, nervous system, cells, and red blood cells), D vitamin (Helps with maintaining levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood), potassium (Maintains healthy blood pressure levels), vitamin E (protects against several cancers), calcium (Helps with strong bones, gums and teeth) and vitamin C (Vital for a healthy immune system).  Can you see why I say food is medicine?  I am not a doctor, but I probably know more about nutrition then they do, as medical doctors only get 23.9 hours of nutritional education and I’ve been researching health and nutrition for years now.

I don’t want cancer.  I don’t think you want cancer either.  I have found that the more I research and do my homework, I’m able to connect the dots and put the puzzle pieces together to avoid cancer and one of the ways I do it, is by eating whole organic foods.  Real spinach, real bananas, real tomatoes, pasture free range eggs, shopping at the Farmers’ Market every weekend and fixing all my household meals.

I’m not saying what I’m writing is the silver bullet that will magically end cancer, but what I am saying is this… Do your best to be informed so that you can make educated decisions about what you put into your body.  The more you become familiar, really familiar with the foods that nourishes your body, you will understand why I continue and keep continuing to say, “Food is Medicine.” TM ❤


~I am not a doctor, a scientist, or professional advisor.  I am a concerned citizen for our planet, the critters, and our children.  Everything I write is from my heart and the knowledge that I share is from many many hours of research.  TM

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Speak Up

11018813_782830645167339_4865546701268565364_oOver the past few months, I’ve been learning that there are times when the written word doesn’t have the same impact as a speech.  To make eye contact with your audience and know that they are paying attention is something that I can’t track on this blog!  🙂

As much as I like to express myself here on this page, I feel alone in my thoughts.  It’s not a bad a thing… kind of like a public diary.  Hmmm… I’ve decided I like both.

The video below is my speech at the Laguna Beach March Against Monsanto Global Event.  If you are not familiar with this chemical company that now makes our food, maybe you look into it.  Peace, TM

The Warrior in ALL of Us!

I am a very passionate person.  I write from my heart and I do everything I can to encourage and inspire others.  Not only do I write from my heart, but I speak from my heart as well.

Be a warrior… for our children, for our planet, for our future.

Can You Pronounce Those Toxic Words? Me Neither!


I get asked all the time what I purchase when I go shopping.  And when they ask, they ask for everything!  From food to personal care products and even household cleaners, I am constantly looking for healthy, and they know it.  Yup, I’m a toxic free junkie and I’m always reading my labels and researching words that I can’t pronounce!  I guess that’s why people who know me are always asking me about ingredients and labels.  With that being said, I have included in this post links and apps that I use on a regular basis to share with you.  We all need a little help when trying to decipher what those ingredients are and if you’re not a rocket scientist… well, you do like I do, use these resources to help you out.  Have a great day and keep reading those labels!


Food- Non GMO Project- http://www.nongmoproject.org/

Food- Non GMO Shopping Guide- http://nongmoshoppingguide.com/shopping-guide.html

Personal Care Products- EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Data Base- http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

I use this site for the chemical definitions- Healthy Child Healthy World- http://healthychild.org/

Smart Phone Apps

BuyCott-  http://www.buycott.com/  This app lets you know who the parent company is that owns that brand.  For instance, Kellogg’s is the parent company for Kashi.  FREE

Fooducate- http://www.fooducate.com/  This app rates food products on how healthy it is.  If you want more advanced explanations, there is a fee, otherwise it’s FREE.

ipiit- http://www.ipiit.com/  I like this app because you can customize it to your food preferences, nut allergies, dairy, ect. BUT, it’s still a newer app and they are still growing their data base.  FREE

Skin Deep- http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/  Same as the data base from above, but the phone app version, though not as complete as the website.

2014 The Year of the MOM


Welcome to 2014!  The year for big changes, the year for voices uniting, and the year that love wins because of Moms*.  Moms around the globe are coming together to stand up and to protect what they love… their children.  Thank goodness for the internet that makes the world community feel a bit more cozy.  News and information about Moms who struggle, and Moms who succeed, from all over this great big planet are now shared with a click of button.  Policies in politics and business are being watched daily and corruption is now easily viewed by more and more Moms who are taking note and learning.  News is now instant and Moms are paying attention.

2014 will bring a whole different climate for the economy as Moms (women) account for 85% of the consumer market in the United States alone.  This is a powerful number that can change or fix a broken system.  And it IS broken.  Our food is on the verge of being controlled by a few Biotech companies, the land and the sea is being poisoned by a handful of chemical companies, and the greedy manufacturers of personal and household products have us believing that their chemical products are safe to bring into our home environment and shampoo it onto our children’s heads.  Politics is no better than the corporations as it seems that a large number of politicians have forgotten the true meaning of what being a politician is… Shall we remind them?  A “public” servant.  Money is the bottom line for all parties involved and how much is a vote worth to get that Bill passed?

What happened in our day to day Mommy lives that peeked our interest in politics and business?  Why are we all of a sudden concerned with topics such as GMOs, the TPP, the dying off of the bees, and the quarterly profits (or losses) of Kellogg’s?  Why do we care that a small community in Argentina stood tall for 112 days to block a major construction project that they opposed?  And why are we using whatever precious free time we have to work at information tables, spread awareness throughout our social networks and march with our children carrying signs for all eyes to see? The answer is quite clear.  The love for our children and their future.

The rise of so many health problems for our children is growing in leaps and bounds… Autism, stomach problems, skin rashes, allergies, itchy mouths, constant trips to the doctors, what’s going on around here?  And none of the “experts” seems to be able to come up with the reasons for so many nagging questions that have taken over the minds of many Mothers.  They look at us like we’re deer in the headlights or we’re over exaggerating and maybe we need a good night’s sleep.  In the end, the usual advice and solution is to give our kids more tests, more medication and carry an Epi Pen.

How do these health concerns that are affecting our kids connect with politics and business?  The ability for corporations to make business decisions, based on profits, wether or not the product is safe and the flair to persuade the politicians to vote accordingly, connects our children to every bad decision these companies make.  So, let’s take the food industry as an example… Genetically Modified Organisms have been tested by the Biotech companies who created the GMOs themselves and choose how long their test should be, 90 days.  The GMOs then become a product on the shelf of the grocery store and we Moms buy it.  Do you trust that 90 days is enough time to be sure that there are no long term health issues with foods that have been tampered with?

Okay, here’s another… Open air chemical testing and experiments are done almost everyday on the island of Kauai-Hawaii, right next to the schools and hospitals with the trade winds blowing.  The residents of Kauai asked their Council Members for a 500 ft. buffer zone away from the schools and hospitals.  Before the Bill came to a vote, the chemical companies involved threatened they would sue the County for bad legislation and sure enough, soon after the Bill passed, the Mayor of Kauai vetoed the buffer zone to not be implemented.  Does that sound like the politicians OR the businesses are for the children?  One more example and I’ll move on… Toxic chemicals in our personal care products that we believe to be a trusted brand.  Shampoos, lotions, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, the list is long and toxic.  Did you know that personal care products have no regulations in the USA?  Have you ever wondered what those words are on the ingredient labels and what they do to our health?  And we put these unknown chemicals that are not tested on our children.

Are you connecting the dots?  I am, and I’m mad as Hell and I’m not the only Mom who feels this way.  Corporations are not being watched and are “supposedly” looking out for the consumer when it comes to safety and health, but it seems like they’re only looking after their profits and which politician can help them become untouchable.  Laws and regulations get held up in the system for months on end and in the meantime, we Moms, as consumers, are still stuck in the everyday problems of toxins in the products we buy.

So what can we Moms do to change the system for the better for our children and their children?  Remember what I said in the second paragraph?  We ARE 85% of the consumer market.  Meaning, if we decided as a collective to not buy Kellogg’s products until they change their recipes for the better, we could potentially put them out of business.  If we Moms, 85% of the consumer market, stop buying toxic baby shampoo, I think we would speak volumes to Johnson & Johnson.  If 85% of the consumer market, yes, we Moms, took a stand against corporations and politicians who are callous and heartless when it comes to our children and their future, we Moms can and will change the system.  We must fix it.  For our children.  For their future.  Now is the time, because this is our year… The Year of the Mom… and love wins.

*I always use a capitol M when I refer to Moms as I feel it shows respect, and every Mom deserves it.

Here are several links to help you acquaint yourself with brands that care…

NON-GMO Project- http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/

400 Companies That Aren’t Using GMOs- http://www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com/2014/01/400-companies-arent-using-gmos-products.html

Environmental Working Group- http://www.ewg.org/

We Moms have become a loud voice in a time when it is needed the most.  Here are several links to get you started on what YOU can do to be a part of the Love Wins battle…

Moms Across America- http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/

The MOM Hui- http://www.theMOMhui.com/

GMO Free Moms- http://www.gmofreemoms.org/

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GMOs in Paradise… Hawaii’s Tropical Nightmare


Protest march in Kauai 2013

I was born in Honolulu at St. Francis Hospital on Liliha Street at a time when they used to have a maternity ward. Yeah, go ahead and make fun of me now… “I never knew there was a hospital over there!” No worries, I got my secret box of hair color underneath my bathroom sink!

I no longer live in Hawaii, but thoughts of my island home stay close to my heart. Phone calls with my parents who live on Oahu are frequent and it is always a treat when I catch my grandma, who lives on Kauai, near her phone as she tells me all about her green roses and orchids that fill her side yard.

Lately, conversations with my parents have not been the typical light hearted talk story chats, it has been about Hawaii’s food source and the effects that it has not just in the islands, but the entire world. Talk of GMOs are the hot topic and figuring out who is telling the truth about health and the environment can be muddled as it depends on who fills the informant’s wallet. This article is written with every intention of sharing my heart and my knowledge of what is happening to the islands that I love so much… without anybody filling my bank account. Even though I no longer live in Hawaii, I will forever be a local girl that cares about the land and the people of Hawaii.

The story of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is a huge tangled web and affects many businesses, farmers, politicians, consumers, the animals, the land itself and most importantly, our keikis. There is so much talk about GMOs but what I’ve realized in chatting with others is that most people really don’t understand how GMOs affect our well being. Once understood, the anger sets in and the feeling of betrayal by those who we thought were on our side, really is not.

The two major concerns that GMOs cause for Hawaii is the poisoning of the environment and the poisoning of all who eat GMO foods. With the trade winds blowing, the poisonous chemicals are sprayed on the crops, and when it rains, the poison makes its way to a water source… the ocean. The people who use these chemicals are covered in head to toe protective gear and ventilative masks to make sure not to harm themselves, but shouldn’t the environment wear a mask too? How much poison can be used before the land and the water become highly toxic?

Now let’s talk about what we eat. There are two types of modified seeds, but the one I want to discuss is the pest resistant variety. These seeds have been modified to create a poison within itself. Yes, a pesticide so that the pesky little critters won’t eat the plant and if they do, their stomach explodes. Are you catching on? Poison is put in the seeds that turn into a plant that now becomes dinner on your family’s table. And we wonder why there are so many cases of extreme allergies, infertility, obesity, leaky gut syndrome, autism and tumorous cancers in younger and younger patients.

Hawaii has always been and continues to be the place where Aloha was born. No matter where someone is from, when the Aloha spirit is felt, it has captured that person’s heart and they will never forget that feeling of being accepted as ohana. The biotech companies that are in Hawaii are not ohana and they are definitely, not Aloha.

This article was written for Babes Against Biotech.  Like them here… https://www.facebook.com/BabesAgainstBiotech

Wake Up And Smell The GMOs


I am angry.  I can’t believe that I live in a country where the food I buy and give to my children is not trustworthy.  I am astounded that there are well known businesses in America that are using the citizens who live here in this country as their lab rats.  I am mad as hell that there are people that work for these companies that are poisoning our kids.  I am disturbed that when those that speak up for what is right is fired and or threatened for their knowledge of the truth.  I am displeased that our eyes have been covered from the dangers that is being fed to us and our babies… but no more, my blinders have come off.

I find it odd that the amount of chronic illnesses, extreme allergies, leaky gut syndromes, obesity, infertility, autism and unexplained cancerous tumors in younger and younger patients have increased in an alarming rate over the past 20 years.  Hmmm… that’s about the time that Monsanto introduced to the consumer population genetically modified foods.  Go figure…

When I speak with other parents about GMOs, most of the time, they really don’t know what GMOs are or how they affect our health.  The other day, a parent used these words verbatim,  “I used to eat all that junk when I was a kid, so what’s the big deal now?”  Uh huh, someone who is unquestionably uninformed and that’s exactly how the big food corporations want it.  After all, they did spend over 45 million dollars this past election to defeat Prop 37 CA Right to Know GMO Labeling initiative.  Transparency for these corporations is hazy at best and what’s obvious to me may not be so clear for others.

Genetically modified foods have many names, the most common are genetically modified organisms (GMO), genetically engineered (GE) and genetically modified (GM).  It doesn’t matter what name you call it, as long as you are aware of it and understand that there are health risks when eating foods that are genetically modified.  Yes, that’s right, health risks in the food we give our children and pregnant mothers… oh heck, it’s bad for everyone including the farm animals and even the little pesky insects that are eating the crops.

 Once parents find out what GMOs are, they can never go back to the diet they had before our little chit chat began.  As I do my best to explain that GMO protein structures have been changed and that our bodies are unable to recognize the nutrients of that food no longer, I see the realization start to kick in from the person standing in front of me.  It gets me hot under the collar when I talk about the change in the seeds that farmers use that have been modified to be either pest or herbicide resistant.  A pesticide in the seeds that grow into  Bt corn and now is a box of cereal sitting on a shelf in your pantry… Kellog’s… They’re Grrrrrrreat!

Knowing that GMOs are unrecognizable to the human body, how can any good parent continue feeding their family poison?  The studies of GMOs by independent groups have been coming out recently and their findings are not favorable. GMOs are being linked to so many illnesses it will make your head explode!  My head is already on fire since doing the research on this topic, and truly I’m just scratching the surface of the many facets of GMOs.  Other facets include: unhealthy cows/farm animals, severe skin conditions that many field workers are experiencing, the senior advisor on food safety for the FDA was once the VP for public policy for Monsanto, mass suicides by farmers in India, farmers being manipulated and sued by Monsanto, and the list continues to grow.  All this because of GMOs.

 Are your blinders coming off now too?  Help give your pantry a new makeover and your health a new breath of life.  Here is  information on which food corporations donated money to stop GMO labeling.  The more you know… right?