The Many Facets of Change


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How do we get through the feelings of emptiness? ¬†Well, first we must figure out what it is that makes us feel that way. ¬†Is it a person that might not be there anymore? ¬†Is it a routine that was a part of every day and now is no longer on the schedule? ¬†Or maybe it might be something as simple as saying “hi” to a neighborhood pet that sat behind the fence and is now living indoors. ¬†What do all these have in common? ¬†Change.

The thing about change is that it has many meanings depending on how one looks at it. ¬†It can create an empty feeling. ¬†It can also be exciting and filled with possibilities. ¬†It can be sad and at the same time be better for whatever the situation may be. ¬†So to get through the empty period, we need to reflect on what it was, what we learned and where do we want to go from there. ¬†Knowing that, we start heading towards a new way of thinking. ¬†A new idea. ¬†A new path. ¬†A new routine. ¬†A new… change. ¬† ¬†TM ‚̧






Lessons Learned


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Everything is a lesson if we let it be. ¬†The trick is to realize that it IS a learning and as we discover that with each lesson, we only get better and stronger. ¬†As the lesson becomes more clear, patience develops and a calmness within takes place. ¬†But we must be able to put our personal feelings aside to have an open mind to take in what we just learned. ¬†Try it. ¬†You’ll find a new understanding within. ¬†Namaste & Aloha… TM ‚̧

Look Clearly


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Hello! ¬†Remember you? ¬†What? ¬†Tracy, what are you talking about? ¬†YOU. ¬†Remember YOU. ¬†Hmmm… okay, let me reword this…

When you first read my words, you thought I was gonna say, “remember me”, right? ¬†So it confused, just for a bit, until the words that you are looking at this very moment, and now it is clear.

Life is like that. ¬†We are currently living in a moment of thinking what we think it is, but then it isn’t and it’s a confusion, but just for a bit. ¬†Step back, remember YOU, and now it is clear. ¬†Make sense? ¬†Message for today. ¬†ūüôā

Namaste and Aloha Always ‚̧

Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part Two: Trust & the Big Brands



In Part One, I spoke about reading labels and how reading labels helps to identify ingredients that are toxic, or a carcinogen. ¬†That’s a start. ¬†That was the beginning of my toxic free journey and by reading labels, I’ve learned even more than just ingredients.

Okay, so for today’s post, I’m gonna write about products we think helps us to be healthy. ¬†Who helps us to think about a product and if it’s healthy or not? ¬†Unfortunately, creative marketing throughout the years by corporations that we’ve become familiar with since we were kids, have altered¬†our views and made many content in believing in the product that¬†is being sold to us. ¬†The corporations ‘help’ us to decipher what is healthy and we’re okay with it. ¬† We’ve been comfortable with the idea that, for example, ¬†Johnson&Johnson’s baby products would never harm us! ¬†I mean think about it… what’s their tag? ¬†“No More Tears” right? ¬†And yet as I¬†read the label of their products, why would they use ingredients that are carcinogens? ¬†Or endocrine disruptors? ¬†And this is supposed to be safe for our babies? ¬†This is where some of our problems with our health start and most people don’t even realize it.

We think that we can trust these big brands that we grew up with because, well, shucks, we grew up with them, sang their songs… “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”, and what’s the difference now? ¬†Part of the problem is that too many don’t ask questions, don’t read labels, and continue doing what they always have and purchase the same products. ¬†But the products have changed over time and ingredients that may have been okay before are now replaced¬†with cheaper, man-made, untested ingredients that keeps the corporation profitable and the consumers are unaware and wondering why they have a new rash on their arm. ¬†It’s not just rashes, it’s more than that… there are now ingredients that are known carcinogens in the products that we purchase and we think that because we’ve seen these companies all our lives, we trust them to be healthy and safe.

These harmful ingredients give the person who uses them a higher percentage of cancer and or other health problems. ¬†Come on, let’s think about what I just wrote, I’ll say it again but worded differently… ¬†If we are using products with carcinogenic ingredients, do you think that we have a higher risk of getting cancer? ¬†Common sense would tell us, yes.

Cancer sucks. ¬†Chronic illnesses suck. ¬†Obesity sucks. ¬†Being unhealthy sucks. ¬†This has become the norm for waaaaay too many people. ¬†We need to stop the chaos that is attacking¬†our health everywhere we look. ¬†The solution starts with us. ¬†Read labels, ask questions, be informed because YOU looked into it, not because of a commercial. ¬†A different way of thinking needs to happen, a mindful way that no amount of marketing can duplicate. ¬†We can change it, the more we know… right? ¬†TM ‚̧


**Please note…¬†I am not a doctor and everything I write in this post is my opinion only.



Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part One: Label Reading


Cancer. It’s all around us. I hear about it through people I work with, people around me talking about one of their friends, on FB, strangers that I overhear at a public place… it’s maddening and it’s a heartbreak.

I have been researching and studying for years now about what makes us healthy and what makes us sick. Learning about wellness in general. I’ve been fascinated at the same time overwhelmed from what I have discovered by trying to put all the pieces together. Through researching and having some common sense, I’ve been able to keep my household in pretty good all around good ‘wellness’ shape. ūüôā

The thing is, if we don’t want cancer, then we must pay attention to what causes it to begin with. It starts with our own environment. It starts with knowing our bodies and it starts with thinking outside of what it was that we’ve been taught throughout our lives. We have to start over as that information is no longer correct.
It does take time to transition into a new way of thinking. It’s not instant. I think that if we can learn one thing new every day, I mean REALLY learn it, even some small piece of information that changes the way we view that one thing, it helps the overall big picture.
The one thing that I have incorporated into my life that has had (and still have) a major impact for me? Reading labels. All labels. Food, shampoo, cough syrup, laundry soap… on and on and on. Label reading in the beginning is like learning to read Greek. Seriously! What label reading does, is it makes you ask questions. It makes you aware of that ingredient that you can’t pronounce. It makes you put that item back when there are waaay too many ingredients for something that should only have maybe 2-3 ingredients, like peanut butter.
What does label reading have to do with cancer? It teaches us about ingredients. It teaches us that maybe we don’t need to eat that chemical preservative that is a known carcinogen. It teaches us that maybe we don’t want to rub petrolatum (petroleum/crude oil found usually in lotion or lip balms) on our body as this too is a know carcinogen and endocrine disruptor. It teaches us that phosphates in our dish soap or dishwasher soap destroys marine life and contaminates our drinking water.


It is ALL connected to our health and well being. My advice for today? Get in the habit of reading labels. It will open your views on more than just ingredients. The more we know, right? ¬†TM ‚̧



**Please note… I am not a doctor and everything I write in this post is my opinion only.

Speak Up

11018813_782830645167339_4865546701268565364_oOver the past few months,¬†I’ve been learning that there are times when the written word doesn’t have the same impact as a speech. ¬†To make eye contact with your audience and know that they are paying attention is something that I can’t track on this blog! ¬†ūüôā

As much as I like to express myself here on this page, I feel alone in my thoughts. ¬†It’s not a bad a thing… kind of like a public diary. ¬†Hmmm… I’ve decided I like both.

The video below is my speech at the Laguna Beach March Against Monsanto Global Event.  If you are not familiar with this chemical company that now makes our food, maybe you look into it.  Peace, TM