Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part Two: Trust & the Big Brands



In Part One, I spoke about reading labels and how reading labels helps to identify ingredients that are toxic, or a carcinogen.  That’s a start.  That was the beginning of my toxic free journey and by reading labels, I’ve learned even more than just ingredients.

Okay, so for today’s post, I’m gonna write about products we think helps us to be healthy.  Who helps us to think about a product and if it’s healthy or not?  Unfortunately, creative marketing throughout the years by corporations that we’ve become familiar with since we were kids, have altered our views and made many content in believing in the product that is being sold to us.  The corporations ‘help’ us to decipher what is healthy and we’re okay with it.   We’ve been comfortable with the idea that, for example,  Johnson&Johnson’s baby products would never harm us!  I mean think about it… what’s their tag?  “No More Tears” right?  And yet as I read the label of their products, why would they use ingredients that are carcinogens?  Or endocrine disruptors?  And this is supposed to be safe for our babies?  This is where some of our problems with our health start and most people don’t even realize it.

We think that we can trust these big brands that we grew up with because, well, shucks, we grew up with them, sang their songs… “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”, and what’s the difference now?  Part of the problem is that too many don’t ask questions, don’t read labels, and continue doing what they always have and purchase the same products.  But the products have changed over time and ingredients that may have been okay before are now replaced with cheaper, man-made, untested ingredients that keeps the corporation profitable and the consumers are unaware and wondering why they have a new rash on their arm.  It’s not just rashes, it’s more than that… there are now ingredients that are known carcinogens in the products that we purchase and we think that because we’ve seen these companies all our lives, we trust them to be healthy and safe.

These harmful ingredients give the person who uses them a higher percentage of cancer and or other health problems.  Come on, let’s think about what I just wrote, I’ll say it again but worded differently…  If we are using products with carcinogenic ingredients, do you think that we have a higher risk of getting cancer?  Common sense would tell us, yes.

Cancer sucks.  Chronic illnesses suck.  Obesity sucks.  Being unhealthy sucks.  This has become the norm for waaaaay too many people.  We need to stop the chaos that is attacking our health everywhere we look.  The solution starts with us.  Read labels, ask questions, be informed because YOU looked into it, not because of a commercial.  A different way of thinking needs to happen, a mindful way that no amount of marketing can duplicate.  We can change it, the more we know… right?  TM ❤


**Please note… I am not a doctor and everything I write in this post is my opinion only.




The Race for Truth


Recognizing truth can be a difficult task when deception is covered in sugar and spice and everything nice.  It can make truth seekers lose their minds as they race the clock of destruction to uncover as many (L)eyes as possible.  How does one gather the courage and the strength to constantly run this course?

I’ll answer that… the love for self, others, and this planet.  When one can let go of the frustration and the obstacles and focus on the healing, the mind only sees the end results, even while sprinting to the finish line.

Feet in the Grass

photoWe all have them, you’re not alone.  Some days are just… BLAH.  It’s not that the day itself was bad, it’s not that anything really went wrong, it’s just that sometimes our energy is zapped up by those who may need it more than we do.  The fact that we can help these people in that way, well, not everybody can do it.  When days like this presents itself to you, after the depletion, it’s time to gather yourself and find your tranquil paradise.

Several deep breaths in a moment between hecticness (I think I just made up my own word?) works in a pinch, but sometimes we need much more than breath… we need to ground ourselves.  Go outside, put your bare feet in the grass, close your eyes, and feel the earth beneath your feet.  Take a deep breath, exhale… open your eyes, look around with a new perspective and look for a small joy that brings a sense of wonderment.  Have you ever noticed that flower growing over there?  Do you hear the bird chirping in a nearby tree?  The clouds look so white…

There you go.  You feel it?  Your calm and your energy filling up your heart, your mind and your soul.  ❤

For You L.A.S.


The world you have always known has changed.  Sometimes it looks like before, and then when you look closer, the resemblance fades away.  Don’t hold on.  Let it go and surround yourself with people who hold the key to unlock the questions that are bubbling deep within.  They’ll guide you, all you have to do is ask.  Slow down every now and then and don’t let the hurry hurry decide for you what it really means.  Sometimes, it doesn’t mean anything.

Remember, deep breaths are good and please don’t forget to laugh at the silliness.  We NEED the laughter and a hug to go with.  The affects of positive energy for you from laughing and a hug keeps your world balanced and there’s an inner peace that comforts and makes everything feel right.  I’m sending you a virtual hug and a giggle right now… ❤