Letting Go…

img_3682The unlimited love and always giving nature of a Mother… where does the path take her when the breadcrumbs have been eaten or blown away?  The years of perfecting the role of a lifetime… it was never really perfection, but a constant watching of the weather.  Enjoying the sunshine on a clear day, and waiting for the storm to blow over and hoping for a rainbow the next.  Like a sailor with his telescope watching the sea, hoping to get a read of where the wind will take his boat.  Some arrive safely to shore, but not always.

Just when she thinks she’s found the manual, or rather, written the manual, revisions come at a quick pace.  Keeping up and trying not to fall behind, and yet… the hands holding onto the rope is slipping.  Does she just let go?  Maybe it’s time to let go.  How much can the heart endure knowing that the rope is near the end?  Time dwindles away with no rhyme or reason when a confusion is present.

Breathe.  Take several… large… deep breaths… Think.  The beautiful memories.  A small hand holding a larger, safe hand.  Showing the way… watching the weather together.  Unlimited love… always giving…  the path takes her to a lookout where she sees a rainbow over the horizon… TM ❤


The Gift of Present


Yooo hooo!  Yes, YOU… Did I get your attention?  Are you here with me?  Well you must be if you’re nodding your head wondering what the heck I’m talking about.  BUT, you’re here!  You’re here with me and no matter what I’m saying, you’re right here with me.  Yes, yes, I can be a bit daft in my thinking and I know there are times when others give me a look that clearly says, “This woman is out to lunch.”  I know.  I’ve seen it before and I’m sure I’ll see it again.  But you know what?  I made them think…

Do you remember back in high school when roll call was being done at the beginning of class?  Do you remember how you answered?  It could have been any one of these: here, present, currently available… okay, maybe not the last one as you might have disrupted the class with laughter from the other students and the teacher usually didn’t take too kindly to that kind of behavior.

Tracy, what are you talking about?  Being present.  That’s it.  Uncomplicated, very clear and ever so real.

 I find it interesting that the different meanings for the word “present” really are intertwined together… 1) in a particular place 2) existing or occurring now 3) to give something 4) a thing given to someone as a gift Do you see it?  Are you catching on to my madness? To be in a place right now and to give a gift that is also known as a “present.”
 So many of us are caught up in our every day lives of fast paced living, filled up schedules, and frantically rushing around trying to complete more activities than what the clock will allow us to do in a day.  Our heads are filled to capacity with either stuff we need to do in the near future, or stuff we forgot to do and need to catch up on.  It is a never ending cycle, if we let it.  Unfortunately, many of us accept this type of living as the norm, except, is that really living?
Think about it, just for a moment… When was the last time you actually watched a sunset?… or looked at the clouds in the sky and searched for animal shapes or faces?  What about conversations?  Are you giving your complete attention?  Or are you checking your smart phone and answering, “Uh huh” when you hear a voice in the air?  Do you tell your kids to hang on a minute or do you give them your time?  Basically I’m asking you, “Are you present?”
This holiday season, give the gift of your presence, to yourself and to your loved ones.  Unplug, unwind, take a deep breath.  Be with others, and I don’t mean just physically there, really be in the moment.  Don’t miss out on spectacular sunsets or conversations that can lead to great memories because you chose to focus on another time.  Live right here and now and know in your heart that this moment will never come again… ever.

When I see that look, you know, the one that says I’m out to lunch… I am at lunch and I am currently here and available and absolutely present.

P.S. I’m still trying to figure out how the settings work for WP, you know, like paragraphs… I’m not doing a great job!  🙂